Costume, Jewellery & Objets d’Art

This unique course will be led by Caroline Tonna and Francesca Balzan with the contribution of Marquis Nicholas de Piro.  The topics will cover fashion in paintings and early photography, jewellery from the Baroque period to the 19th century and on site lectures at Palazzo Falson and Casa Rocca Piccola.

Handling And Care of Works of Art

This course offers a practical guide to the ways in which different art objects should be handled and cared for, whether they are on display, in transit, or in storage; and it also explains some of the fundamental principles of conservation. Works of art on paper and books, easel and panel paintings, wooden artefacts and furniture, metals and ceramics will all be subjects covered throughout the course.

The lectures given will provide an understanding of:

  • composite materials of the artefact (their properties and special requirements)
  • the deterioration processes of the artefact¬†
  • agents of deterioration (Light, Humidity, Temperature, Pollution, Insects, etc)
  • the basic preventive conservation methods and conservation treatments
  • practical handling procedures