Since its inception the company has been committed to providing best quality service and consultation to its esteemed clients through its qualified team of conservators. Prevarti boasts of the largest laboratory on the island, equipped with the latest state-of-the-art technology in the industry
With its founder and senior conservator Pierre Bugeja (B. Cons. Hons.) at its helm, Prevarti has done its utmost to address a niche market catering specifically for paintings, polychrome sculptures and paper artefacts, thus enhancing its reputation throughout the years. Placing first the best interest of the articles in its care is the core belief of the company, ensuring their long-term preservation while making sure to guarantee client satisfaction.

Prevarti has been entrusted with various conservation-restoration projects commissioned by the ecclesiastical authorities, state-run entities and the local private sector expanding the company’s vast experience and portfolio of works.

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