Prevarti’s conservation philosophy relies on scientific evaluation to determine the appropriate treatment needed. The artwork itself governs which conservation approach is the most conscientious, ethical and safe. Following the initial assessment phase, conservation-restoration works are meticulously carried out by Prevarti’s dedicated and qualified team, strictly in line with the Conservation Professional Code of Ethics.

The company has a very conservative approach to each treatment and stands by the principle of introducing as less

foreign material to the artwork as possible in order to respect and safeguard its originality. The professional approach towards its assignments together with the respect of agreed timeframes and outstanding service provided have over the years jointly contributed to the admirable reputation the company enjoys today.

Prevarti offers a vast range of specialised restoration and conservation services together with other ancillary facilities interrelated to its main stream of business.

  • Conservation & Restoration of 15th- 20th century works of art including Canvas & Panel paintings, Mural paintings, Polychrome sculptures & statues, Works of art on paper, Maps, Prints and Antique books, Glass, Ceramics, Metals, Stone and Marble monuments
  • Condition consultation at auctions and insurance reports
  • Scientific investigation & monitoring
  • Safe storage of fine arts
  • Collection condition assessment and cataloguing
  • Historical research of artworks in collaboration with local and foreign art historians
  • Conservation audits and documentation reports
  • Restoration of gilded objects and frames
  • Consulation services and advice on the best ways to care for your art collection

Ancillary Services

Framing (Antique Reproduction)

Following popular demand, Prevarti has engaged a team of in-house frame reproduction and restoration specialists enhancing its range of professional services. Working in full collaboration with the main conservation-restoration team, this section of the company ensures that paintings are adorned with suitable framing following the restoration process. This unit of Prevarti is responsible for embellishing the original frame provided by the client or alternatively to reproduce a faithful replica when restoring the original frame is not deemed to be the best option.

X Ray, UV Fluorescence
& IR Reflectography investigation

Operating from the largest and best-equipped laboratory on the island, Prevarti has always recognised the value of technology throughout the whole conservation- restoration process. By means of the X Ray, UV Fluorescence & IR Reflectography technology it has at hand, Prevarti possesses the technical capability to carry out in-depth studies of artworks, signature recovery, previous interventions analysis and authentication without putting at risk the entrusted articles in the process.

Museum Glass®

Museum Glass ® is the most reputable glazing option preferred by art collectors due to its anti-reflective and ultra-protective properties. Following a patented manufacturing process called Magnetron Sputtering, Museum Glass ® offers an outstanding 99% protection against harmful UV light rays together with the lowest reflection rating possible. Museum glass ® is the most attractive display glazing available on the market, offering due protection to your art investment.

Display Lighting

Prevarti Co. Ltd has teamed up with the most reputable lighting companies in Malta providing a comprehensive service to its clients. This collaboration ensures that the lighting system used for the display of artworks is the most adequate and non-invasive at the same time, creating the right environmental balance for long-term preservation.