The Prevarti Laboratory is purposely designed so that the conservation-restoration process follows a smooth and organised sequence. The investigation area is a segregated part of the laboratory where initial photographic documentation takes place. This part of the laboratory is equipped with a special UV light system which helps determine the conservation state of the artefact prior to the conservation-restoration itself. Infested items are kept in a separate quarantine area until treated by Salvarti’s ecological disinfestation system found on the same premises.
The works of art are then assigned to specialised conservators who work strictly in line with the Conservation Professional Code of Ethics.

The Prevarti laboratory is equipped with special lighting for retouching, moving aspirators to filter the air while volatile solvents are used in the cleaning process and also a low pressure heated table used for consolidation and relining of canvases. Varnishing and the use of spraying systems are carried out in a separate room.

Low pressure
heated table

High end technology used for the consolidation and relining process without effecting the surface texture of the painting, such as brush work and impoasto. This technology makes it possible for Prevarti to preserve the original damanged canvas which holds valuable data about the paintings, without resolving to standard relining

Safe storage

A sliding screen system purposely designed for art storage and safekeeping

Investigation &

The investigation area in which the initial documentation and analysis procedure takes place


The quarantine area is where works of art proved to be in need of disinfestation are kept until treated by Salvarti Co.Ltd