Understanding Modern Art by Eve Cocks

What is Modern Art?’

‘How is Modern art to be defined?’

Over one hundred years have passed since the early beginnings of Modern Art and still, till today, many of us feel that Modern art is more difficult to understand than the art of the previous centuries, but why?

The non-representational approaches; the non-traditional techniques and the theoretical nature that tend to characterise a big chunk of Modern Art plays an important role in this dilemma.

Modern art, like any other art of the past, is not a rational and ordered business, and in order to try and make a sense out of it all, one has to, first and foremost, familiarise him/herself  with the environment in which Modern Art had taken shape.

This 12 week course is specifically designed for anyone interested in learning how to approach and appreciate Modern Art. The course will outline and discuss the major political, social, economical and cultural factors that shaped the modern artistic production in central Europe and America during the mid/late 19th and 20th Centuries. Specific attention will also be given to the main art practical developments, movements and theoretical debates of the period including the “problem of the autonomy of art” and the “radical redefinition of what can constitute a work of art”.

*The course will be presented in a chronological framework so that applicants will gain a strong sense of the overall development, and historical context, of Modern art.

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Eve Cocks holds a BA (Hons.) Degree in Art History from the University of Malta as well as a Master of Letters in Art, Politics, Transgression and 20th C. Avant-Gardes from the University of Glasgow. Eve wrote her MLitt. thesis on the post-WWII collages of the Scottish artist Eduardo Paolozzi, and conducted her thesis research in some of Scotland’s major art institutions including the Scottish National Gallery of Modern Art and the Hunterian Art Gallery. Over the years Eve has worked in both local and international museums/galleries including Koppe Astnercontemporary art gallery, which in 2014, gave her the privilege to participate in a world-renowned biennial festival of contemporary artGlasgow International. Eve is currently working as a freelance art history lecturer and art blogger.