Understanding Subject Matter in Art

By Dr. Martina Caruana

In conjunction with the inauguration of the Prevarti laboratory the course was the first one of its kind to be held at the Art Conservation Centre. As an introduction to subject matter in art, together with a more specific reference to Maltese contexts this 10 hour course also addressed recent studies and discussions in relation to the topic.

Care of Paintings

By Pierre Bugeja

The course touched topics related to the upkeep and preservation methods of paintings together with a general overview of the deteriorating factors effective various painting materials. Following popular demand a series of courses related to this topic will be held. Subscribe below in order to keep you informed.

From Infestation to Disinfestation

By Salvarti

These sessions explained how insect infestation in works of art, furniture, textile and paper comes about together with the damage that occurs in the process. A brief presentation featuring the most effective ecological ways of disinfestation through the latest technology available, was an essential part of the course.